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Instruments | Basses

Name Author License Version Description Download Size
Fashionbass Karoryfer Samples CC-BY-4.0 The bass sampled here looks odd with the shape which is a bit like a Rick bass that's been flipped upside down and redrawn by a fashion designer, and the big mirror pickguard, but it's pretty much a typical Jazz bass underneath all that.
Growlybass Karoryfer Samples CC-BY-4.0 Squier Jazz bass.
Pastabass Karoryfer Samples CC-BY-4.0 Squier Bass VI.
Rickenbacker 4001 Project 16 CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0 Multisampled fingered, muted and slap patches. 508 MB
Standard Bass Unreal Instruments Custom 2 Multi Articulation Bass 233 MB
Swagbass Karoryfer Samples CC-BY-4.0 The first insturment released under the Karoryfer Samples name is a simple sample library of a bass guitar with fake Louis Vuitton fabric glued to it.