Instruments | Basses

Name Author License Version Description Download Size
Baconwulf Karoryfer Samples Commercial 1.000 Bass guitar with extended low range and extended techniques. 4.8 GB
Beefowulf Bass Karoryfer Samples Commercial 1.000 Warm bass guitar for R&B and hip-hop. 1.2 GB
Black And Blue Basses Karoryfer Samples CC0-1.0 1.001 Two 5-string bass guitars. 961 MB
Fashionbass Karoryfer Samples CC0-1.0 1.001 The bass sampled here looks odd with the shape which is a bit like a Rick bass that's been flipped upside down and redrawn by a fashion designer, and the big mirror pickguard, but it's pretty much a typical Jazz bass underneath all that. 302 MB
Growlybass Karoryfer Samples CC0-1.0 1.002 Squier Jazz bass. 160 MB
Kalimbass Malaclypse the Younger MIT 1.23.06a Electric kalimba bass.
Pastabass Karoryfer Samples CC0-1.0 1.101 Squier Bass VI. 301 MB
Rickenbacker 4001 Project 16 CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0 1 Multisampled fingered, muted and slap patches. 508 MB
Secret Agent Bass Karoryfer Samples Commercial 1.000 1972 Polish hollowbody bass guitar. 5.4 GB
Standard Bass Unreal Instruments Custom 2 Multi Articulation Bass 233 MB
Swagbass Karoryfer Samples CC0-1.0 1.001 The first instrument released under the Karoryfer Samples name is a simple sample library of a bass guitar with fake Louis Vuitton fabric glued to it. 138 MB