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Add instruments

In order to add a SFZ instrument sample library to the site list, the following steps are required:

  • Create a new page inside a proper category subdirectory, e.g.: /pianos/ The category must match with the page information in the YAML DB (see below).

  • Add the instrument information in the /_data/sfz/instruments.yml DB.

  • If an audio demo is available for the instrument, it must be made in mp3 format, placed in the /assets/audio directory with the same name and category as the page, so for the example described above it will be at /assets/audio/pianos/some_piano.mp3. A demo player will be added in the resulting HTML page.

Category index page #

If the instrument will take part of a new category, an index page must be created with a related page name. For example in /basses/:

title:  "Basses"
layout: "no_title"
{% include sfz/instruments_table.html %}

the title value can be arbitrary, it’s just what will be displayed on the browser window title.

Instrument page #

For example, a /pianos/ will be:

title:  "Some Piano"
layout: "sfz/instrument"
<here will be inserted automatically the instrument brief description from the DB>

Here goes only an optional, detailed instrument description content,
that will be appended to the brief description above. The empty line will be
added automatically as separator, no need to add one manually.

The DB entry #

Both instruments and related categories are added manually in alphabetic order. As example:

- name: ...

- name: "Pianos"
  page: "pianos"
  - name:    "Some piano" # page title, may be different from the one used in the browser title bar
    page:    "some_piano" # page file name without extension
    version: "1.2"        # if any version specified, optional
    author:  "Some Author"
    license: "CC-BY-3.0"  # if any license specified, optional
    url:     ""
    download_size: "6 GB" # total download size to display in the pianos list
      "A great piano sample library in SFZ format."
    - label: "Instrument"
      url: ""
      format: "wav"
      samplerate: "44.1"
      size: "5 GB"
      short_description: "Zipped file"

    - label: "Manual"
      url:   ""
      size:  "1 GB"
      short_description: "English manual."

When specified, licenses must be in SPDX License ID format.