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Instruments | Drums

Name Author License Version Description Download Size
DRS Kit DrumGizmo Team CC-BY-4.0 1.0 DrumGizmo DRSKit v1.0 sfz instrument port 754.2 MB
G1 Basic TKDrums 144+ MB
Gogodze Phu Vol II Karoryfer Samples CC-BY-4.0 A variable fidelity drum kit - lo-fi, hi-fi or anywhere inbetween.
Muldjord Kit DrumGizmo Team CC-BY-4.0 1.0 DrumGizmo MuldjordKit v1.0 sfz instrument port 347.3 MB
Naked Drums Wilkinson Audio CC-BY-4.0 Multi-mics drumkit with 10 round-robins, up to 5 velocity layers and several mic layers 1.3 GB
SM Drums Scott McLean, Tod Stillwell, Suleiman Ali Public Domain 1.2 Deeply Sampled Free Drums for the Masses. 2.2+ GB
Salamander Drumkit Alexander Holm CC-BY-SA-3.0 A creative commons licenced drum library mapped with sfz ~370 MB
Sam's Sonor Sam Greene CC-BY-SA-4.0 Sam Greene Sonor Force 3001.