Instruments | Folk

Name Author License Version Description Download Size
1912 Unreal Instruments Custom Physical 5 Strings 218 MB
ganjo itsclipping CC0-1.0 A 6-string guitar banjo. 23 MB
Horse Pulse Karoryfer Samples CC0-1.0 Bass tagelharpa played pizzicato. 180 MB
Kay 5-String Banjo FlameStudios GPL-3.0-or-later A 5 string closed back banjo. 425 MB
Kemençe Of The Black Sea Karoryfer Samples Commercial 1.000 Box-shaped kemençe, played more like a violin. 900 MB
Koto Unreal Instruments Custom 13 Strings KOTO 212 MB
MF Tin Whistle Markus Fiedler CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 (with modifications) 2.0 A tin whistle in D with breath noises and ornamentations triggered via velocity layering. 10 MB
Nanfo Karoryfer Samples Commercial 2.000 Over a dozen West African instruments - harps, xylophones, flutes etc. 2 GB
Three Tagelharpas Karoryfer Samples Commercial 1.000 Tagelharpa, strakharpa and bass tagelharpa. 2.2 GB
Turkish Rebab Karoryfer Samples Commercial 1.000 A spike rebab played in the traditional Turkish style. 300 MB