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Name Author License Version Description Download Size
Ergo electric upright bass Karoryfer Samples CC0-1.0 One huge solid stick of mahogany, four long and thick strings, a piezo pickup and not much more - that's the Ergo electric upright bass we sampled.
Ethan Winer Collection Ethan Winer Public Domain A small-size instruments collection. 17 MB
G-Town Church Sampling Project Tobias Marberger CC Sampling Plus 1.0 Set of music samples recorded in a local church in Grebbestad, Sweden. 750 MB
Orcophony Karoryfer Samples Commercial 1.000 A medieval-fantasy collection with a goblin theme. 7.6 GB
The Halfling Production Voices Commercial Upright piano plus soundscapes. Compact sforzando version of larger Kontakt library.
Versilian Community Sample Library Versilian Studios LLC CC0-1.0 1.2.2 General-purpose sample library for a set of quality samples suitable for use in software and media of all kinds. Intended to be a broader expansion to the VSCO 2 CE sample set. 4+ GB