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Instruments | Pianos

Name Author License Version Description Download Size
Church Steinway Pianobook Steinway Model D recorded in a church in Glasgow. 104 MB
Greg Sullivan E-Pianos Greg Sullivan CC-BY-3.0 3 piano instruments made by Greg Sullivan. 21.5 MB
Headroom Piano Bengt Nilsson CC-BY-4.0 Yamaha C3 Grand Piano. 156.2 MB
Maestro Concert Grand Piano Mats Helgesson Custom Yamaha CF-3 Grand Piano. 268.5 MB
Piano in 162 Ivy Audio A Steinway Model B Grand Piano, sampled with five dynamic levels, two round robins, pedal on and off samples, and two mic positions. 4.9 GB
Salamander Grand Piano Alexander Holm CC-BY-3.0 3 Yamaha C5, recorded with two AKG c414 disposed in an AB position ~12cm above the strings, 48kHz 24bit, 16 velocity layers. 394+ MB
Scarypiano Karoryfer Samples CC-BY-4.0 Scarypiano came about almost by accident - one of us was writing a review of some software that's designed to be used for making monster voices for video and game post-production, and he tested its batch processing feature on some piano samples.
Splendid Grand Piano AKAI Public Domain Steinway Piano. 77 MB
jRhodes3c Jeff Learman CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 1977 Rhodes Mark I Stage 73, looped 18 MB