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Instruments | Woodwinds

Name Author License Version Description Download Size
Bear Sax Karoryfer Samples CC-BY-4.0 Samples of a very nice Conn baritone saxophone from 1926.
Ixox Flute Xavier Hosxe CC-BY-4.0 sfz version of the Xavier Hosxe's VSTi plugin. 10.7 MB
MTG Solo Sax Music Technology Group (MTG) CC-BY-4.0 A complete set of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone solo saxophones. 110 MB
Squidpipes Karoryfer Samples CC-BY-4.0 A unique bagpipes library, using the mantle of a large squid as the bag, PVC pipes which were trimmed to produce each new note, and an oboe reed.
Weresax Karoryfer Samples CC-BY-4.0 Alto saxophone sample library.