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1977 Rhodes Mark I Stage 73, unlooped, with velocity crossfade option. License for samples: CC-BY-NC License for everything else: CC0 License for musicians using this to make music: CC0

1977 Rhodes Mark I Stage 73, shorter looped samples

16 Mb disk space

jRhodes3 family

jRhodes3 is my sampling of my 1977 Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 electric piano, which I purchased new back in 1978. This sample set is not intended to be a jack-of-all-trades Rhodes, but rather, it's how I usually set up and used my Rhodes. It was recorded with EQ, with a treble boost and low-mid scoop, emphasizing the bell tones, and with substantial bark on the higher velocity layers. There are 5 layers, sampled to peak at 3dB difference per layer at on the low notes and to maintain volume throughout each layer. Not all layers are full-keyboard width, as higher notes don't change timbre as much.

The set includes 67 16-bit samples, with up to 5 velocity layers, sampling every 4th white key. The samples were recorded directly from the harp connector. Samples are encoded in lossless FLAC format to reduce disk space.

jRhodes3d version

jRhodes3d has UNlooped full-length samples (up to 25 sec), with mono and two stereo effect options. In each case, it's provided with and without velocity crossfade. (Velocity crossfade blends velocity layers to make timbre transition more smoothly with velocity. However, this also causes some phase issues in low notes, so you get your choice.)

The stereo effect is a mild pitch-shift doubling to create a stereo image, applied in mid-side effect so that it cancels out when summed to mono.
The stereo vibrato effect is similar to the classic Suitcase Rhodes stereo vibrato, except that the vibrato applies to each note individually rather than the whole mix. This makes it sound very different from the classic effect, but nonetheless it's a very interesting effect.

The width for either of these effects is controlled via the MOD wheel. MOD wheel at zero is mono; at 50% gives 100% stereo, and pushed higher you get "extra stereo."

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Author Jeff Learman
License CC-BY-NC-4.0
Size 92 MB
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Instrument flac (16bit) 44.1 KHz 92 MB